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(posted on 13 May 2022)

Choosing a subject I want to paint is never difficult for me, I recognize it instantly. Something like love at first sight, I am drawn to an image. And then comes the delivery of the image, making it my own, using the techniques I've learned I attempt to approximate the idea I have in mind, not just copying a photo. But for me, finding the title, matching title to image can be elusive. For every painting I have a working title but I must discover the title in the end and, in this case, I found it when I put on a CD of Nina Simone's and when it came to 'I Put a Spell on You' I knew that was it.

Oil on canvas, 20 X 16" prepared to the highest standards. Unframed.  Contact me if you are interested.

(posted on 25 Mar 2022)

Finished at last! The most delicate of pink peony petals slowly unfold to reveal the blazing fuchsia centre with its burnt orange and yellow stamens. To me, it is amazing how structured a peony is while developing the softest almost pleated petals. Inside is always a surprise and this one doesn't disappoint. This painting brought out all my perfectionist qualities, not letting go of the paintbrush until I was satisfied.

In keeping with my series of paintings with song titles, 'I'm Yours' is a title that has been used more in more than one version, from Billie Holiday to the current version by Jason Mraz.

20 X 20 X 3/4" oil on canvas. Unframed. Shipping just a little extra.  Contact me if you're interested.

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(posted on 10 Mar 2022)

 I was nearing the finish line on this gorgeous peony with its striking shifts of pink and fuchsia and deep shadows when what should play on my music station?  'Unchained Melody' the song the Righteous Brothers made famous.  With Bobby Hatfield hitting the high notes, delivering vibrato with ease, it seems to be the perfect title for this beauty.  If you don't know 'Unchained Melody' play in on Youtube, the solo version.  I hope you love this painting as much as I do.

Oil on 16 X 20", 3/4" deep canvas, framed in a 1" black frame.  Shipping a little extra.

Please send this along to a friend who might like the painting.

(posted on 10 Jan 2022)

Painting a white flower has always been a goal I wanted to achieve. But doing so is an elusive task.The under-petals have distinct shadows of their own and the white I sought to paint hardly exists as the petals reflect every surrounding hue.The petals of a peony riot with the slightest movement. And while I've signed the piece, I am keeping that brush handy for a last minute flourish.

'Love Me Tender' 24 X 24 X 3/4" oil on canvas.  

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Please send me your thoughts on this painting please, I'm somewhat isolated by Covid and the cold weather.

(posted on 6 Dec 2021)

It was a snowy day, the flakes cascading down, as I listened to Frank Sinatra classics while in the final stages of this painting, trying to decide on a title. A new tune played and instantly I knew, 'The Way You Look Tonight'. Doesn't  this flower resemble a woman swirling in a pink satin and chiffon gown?  

This was so much fun to paint and watch the form emerge from brushstrokes onto the canvas.It makes me want to run my palms over the petals.  A lovely present for someone or yourself . . .

16 X 20 oil on MDF. This will be framed in white. Contact me for pricing.

(posted on 4 Nov 2021)

I turned to Youtube and was listening to a variety of singers and then Nat King Cole came on singing with Natalie.  I put the brush down to listen to 'Unforgettable' their duet- it was then thatI had my title for this rose painting. I feel the same way about that lush sound as I do about roses.  Aren't roses the loveliest of flowers? I just completed this--I haven't even signed it--but I love the complexity of colours in this type of rose, the way the petals billow, crest and fall. The sun spotlights the centre, holding our attention until we move through the petals, some with warm cast shadows, others cool, some backlit from the sun. Such fun to paint and watch the form and volume emerge.  I almost get the scent, looking at it.

I haven't even pulled it over stretcher bars or framed it yet but I wanted to get it out to you for your viewing pleasure.

I painted this during a Realistic Floral Painting with Ciel Ellis, gaining a lot of knowledge about technique, colour and oils.

11" X 17", will be framed soon. I hope you find this one 'Unforgettable'.

(posted on 28 Oct 2021)

Here's my 3 submissions for the annual Under $500 Show at the Penticton Art Gallery, a fundraiser for the gallery held each year. Each of these paintings is valued at $100 or under with 35% of each sale going to the gallery. A great way to buy a small original to brighten up a corner of your room and a generous way to aid the gallery.  On to the end of December for your viewing and purchasing pleasure!


(posted on 3 Oct 2021)

The ART GALLERY Osoyoos is opening its doors to a new show, starting October 7th which runs till October 30 from 12 to 4 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.  Focusing on small paintings, but large paintings are included as well, there is something that is just right for you to brighten your life.

I have several small paintings from my floral collection in this show.  Please visit.  I will be in the gallery 12 to 4 on October 8th and 19th if you would like to drop in and get a tour.  

(posted on 31 Aug 2021)

My new display is what's up at Picture This! Custom Framing and Gallery in Penticton, including the new tulips in a vase, sized at 30 X 30", framed, accompanied by a selection of Okanagan cloud studies done on my front deck, yellow roses, hyper-realistic tomatoes and a teatime scene.  Please come visit when you're in Penticton.  


(posted on 14 Aug 2021)

I love to go to beach towns out of season when the crowds are gone and we have the stretch of sand to ourselves and the seabirds. My husband builds sculptures as I gaze at the shifting light, the debris left by the last high tide and study how a wave is formed. An agate, sea glass, an uninhabited shell, it's all of interest. Our second-to-last pre-Covid beach town trip was to Long Beach, Washington which has the brazen claim of being the world's longest beach and then on to Cannon Beach, Oregon which looks like it had been created for a science fiction set with its enormous rock formations jutting from the waters.

Dune trails

Wooden whale sculptures

One of the sights that delighted me was not at the beach but out of the wind, at the hotel, a large bouquet of red tulips, foliage stuffing the vase. If you're interested, contact me please.

Oil on 30 X 30" canvas, framed in a light wood and ready to hang. Priced in Canadian dollars.

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