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(posted on 21 Jul 2018)

Stroll down Main Street Osoyoos and shop for art works from 6 to 9 p.m. as the evening cools down.  Some venues offer light refreshment.  I will be located in front of The ART GALLERY Osoyoos ready to greet you in person.  Looking forward to seeing all my friends.

(posted on 10 Jul 2018)

8 X 8 X 1.5" acrylic on cradle board. No need to frame and made to the highest standards.

I sometimes think we are held together by our rituals. They give us peace, pleasure and contentment albeit short-lived in many cases. I bought this little blue teapot in a thrift store and couldn't wait to bring it home and paint it with a variety of companions. What are your rituals?



(posted on 7 Jul 2018)

A few years ago here in the Southern Okanagan a fruit distributor had a sign painted on his warehouse which said, "The Taste of Summer" and, for me, the taste of summer has always been the pears which, at this time, are forming on the trees.  Bartletts, Anjous, their delicate scent and juicy bite, now that's summer.

10 X 8" acrylic on 1" deep cradle board prepared to the highest standard.  

(posted on 7 Jul 2018)

Today I was thrilled to be showing as guest artist at Front Street Gallery in Penticton.  And what's more I have a story to tell you.  A young woman entered with her boy and looked around the gallery.  She stopped in front of my designated wall, looked at the painting shown here and asked how I did this.  "I just have to have it [the painting], that's our name".  Of course I was thrilled that it would go to a Moreira.  While there are a number of people in the Okanagan with Moreira for a surname, I am happy it has found its rightful home.  I will be in attendance next Saturday the 14th from 11 to 1 at the Front Street Gallery to greet you. 

A word to the wise:  the street market is on so be prepared to walk a little to getting parking.

(posted on 14 Jun 2018)

Light, Shadow, Colour

You are invited! I am so very pleased to be the feature artist at the Front Street Gallery in Penticton from July 6th to July 19th, 2018. For the opening day, July 7th (as well as July 14th), I will be present to meet each and every one of you between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.. The show runs from July 7th to July 19th in the coziest little gallery. Please come!

Tuesday to Saturday 10 to 4 p.m. at the Front Street Gallery, 60 Front Street, Penticton, BC

It all started with a small celebration which called for a martini . . . the ritual of the chilled glass, the speared cocktail olives, the cocktail shaker, the gin and just a hint of vermouth. But it's the fun colours of those cocktail olives, green and red, that excites me even more--only a painter would say that, right?


And then what's a hamburger without a dill pickle?  Maybe for you it's a sandwich with the dills sliced--that's the way I like them.  I think I'm really fond of the looks of food floating around in a glass jar.  What's next?  Pickled beets?  Maraschino cherries?  Leave me a note on my site with your suggestion please.  

This Saturday the Summer Artisan Market at The ART GALLERY Osoyoos opens its doors.  Glass, quilting, pottery, paintings, jewellery--it's all there.  Local artists and artisans join together for this summer event.  Make sure you get there.  Go early, go often.

(posted on 9 Apr 2018)

Are you ready for the summer?  That's the talk amongst artists now as we approach the season of art markets, open houses, art in the streets and art walks.  

This is the first of several mountings I will do in preparation for the summer, this one for the Summer Artisan Market at The Art Gallery Osoyoos.  Each image has a description if you click on my 'Landscape' gallery.

(posted on 30 Mar 2018)

Adrift, the Yellow Canoe' sold from Picture This Custom Framing and Gallery to an interior designer as her clients.   I am so very pleased.  Many thanks go to Peggy, the gallery owner and artist.  

(posted on 28 Mar 2018)

In Penticton in a vintage store I found a pair of 1950's glamour shoes with long silvery ankle straps and wondered about where they had been worn, for what occasion and by whom.  I never find titles easy to select but this one emerged in the final stages after many other variations had been entertained.  When I eliminated the idea of a satin dress in folds dropped on the ground and turned to a soft shadow, the iridescence just whispered, "Twinkle Toes--call me Twinkle Toes."


20" X 10" Acrylic on canvas prepared to the highest standards.  Please contact me with your comments or queries.

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