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An image of my work currently on display at Picture This! Custom Framing and Gallery in Penticton located at 133 Westminster Ave W, Penticton, BC V2A 1J7

Peggy does a spectacular job with hanging works.  When you're in Penticton, come visit and see the displays of 8 artists.  Just a little off the beaten track but worth it.

I'm currently working on a painting of hollyhocks which is keeping me on my toes with all its delicacy and nuances of shadows.

There is something enchanting about the form, scent, colour and texture of roses with all their differences.  These three rose paintings left me wanting to paint more flowers, dahlias?  perhaps peonies.  On the left, Fuchsia Beauty, followed by the yellow rose 'Beguiling' and finally, 'Solo Act' a soft, warm coral pink rose painted with bold brush strokes.


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(posted on 7 Jul 2020)

'Sticky Fingers' was a commissioned painting for the client's partner who has an affinity for peanut butter and honey on a toasted focaccia bun. Can you blame him" IThe painting takes a place of honour close to the source of this breakfast delicacy. Many thanks to the client for the commission and photo.


(posted on 3 Jul 2020)

Until I started this round of painting roses I had no idea of the myriad of hues in a rose.  These four paintings depict roses in different stages, from bud to full flower.  My morning walks take longer and longer during rose season because I stop, gaze, breathe in the scents and photograph them as future studies.


Fresh from the easel I bring you Unfurling Beauty, The Star of the Show, Grand Opening and  Pretty in Pink,  priced at $120.00 each, an opportunity for you to keep summer in view all year-round.

Acrylic on exhibition canvas 8 X 8 X 1.5".  No need to frame as the sides are painted. Shipping extra.


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(posted on 29 Jun 2020)

Now you can do your art viewing from home. The OASIS show is one of the highlights of the Okanagan art scene each year and now you can see the paintings from your own home or your travel destination. My 'Urban Sunflower' made it into the online show and I am very pleased.

(posted on 4 Jun 2020)

' What if? is a question that I often ask and upon spotting crumpets in the grocery store, I thought, "What if I painted a series of vignettes of honey bear adventures?"  This was all spurred on by spotting crumpets, which conjured memories of childhood breakfasts of well-toasted crumpets slathered with butter and heaped with either strawberry jam or honey.  The honey was usually the creamed honey but when I stopped to consider the fun of painting creamed honey vs. a honey bear dispenser, well, it was a hands down decision.  Honey bear all the way!  For your viewing pleasure or purchasing for your breakfast or dining room.

10" wide by 20" high acrylic on canvas prepared to the highest standard.  Shipping extra.  $220.00

(posted on 31 May 2020)

Maeve is my neighbour's rescue pup.  She loves being around her mom but walks with her dad make her very happy, too.  I love her Titian colouring.  She was fun to paint.  A gift for my neighbours who shovelled our snow over and over again this winter.  Dogs are just about my favourite subject to paint.

This one is 8 X 8 X 1.5" on deep exhibition canvas, no framing required. 


(posted on 13 May 2020)

If you're a long term subscriber to my Art Log you might remember that a few years ago I was represented by Picture This!  Custom Framing and Gallery in Penticton.  Well, I'm back and thrilled to be there.  On the very first day two of my paintings sold.  And here they are:

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(posted on 8 May 2020)

When we first moved to Osoyoos, British Columbia, we didn't know that we had moved to a Pocket Desert, once thought to be the most northern part of the Sonoran Desert, now believed by many to be part of the  Great Basin Desert. I spotted these blooms in their full glory last summer at the Health Centre in town. As the blooms are so very short-lived I felt privileged to see them.

8 X 8 X 1.5" acrylic on cradle board prepared to the highest standard. Shipping a little extra. Make it yours! Contact me.

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I hope that you are staying healthy and taking your walks in the sun while we are locked down.  While I've been remiss in sending out my missives during this time, I haven't been idle.  Not always of an artsy nature, I sanded and stained over 900 square feet of our outdoor decks, stained all the wooden patio furniture and cleaned many of the cupboards.  Yes, we are preparing to put our home on the market and downsize.  When?  I don't know.  Where? I'm not sure.  

However, I have been working on artsy endeavours as well, still committing to a large clematis on a fence which I hope to send out in the next couple of weeks as well as a small pet series:   Today's little kitten seems to be telling me something.  I imagine him having been up to something and in protest to say I'm Being Good.


8 X 8 X 1.5" acrylic on cradle board prepared to the highest standards.  Shipping extra.  Contact if you'd like a trouble free kitten.

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