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(posted on 4 Aug 2019)

I am so very pleased that a Calgary doctor purchased 'Honey Bear on Polka Dots' for his daughters from The ART GALLERY Osoyoos yesterday.

 When I was 10 years old my aunt bought me a small water-colour of clowns, that I still have to do this day.  The daily  joy of living with original art is without match.


 One Honey Bear remains without a home, though . . . 'Honey Bear on Duty'  

(posted on 22 Jul 2019)

This Saturday night from 6 to 9:30 p.m. downtown Osoyoos will be its most exciting with the ART WALK on.  Enjoy refreshments at each of the hosting establishments as you stroll from Boston Pizza, Bits and Bites, The Okanagan Gallery, The ART GALLERY Osoyoos and Bordertown Winery. You'll find me at Bits and Bites with lots of paintings for you to select from.

(posted on 21 Jul 2019)

I always smile when I am painting dogs so when this little darling and her owner came to visit in Keremeos during my show there I could not resist taking a photo to see if I could capture some of her emotions.   If you have a pet that should be painted, let's talk.  Leave me a message.

(posted on 16 Jul 2019)

It is always a joyous time for an artist when he or she sells a painting, but to sell two works to a pair of patrons is very exciting.  I thank my dear patrons, Ron and Marilyn, from Winnipeg who purchased two large paintings 24 X 24", one framed, one unframed exhibition canvas for their home collection.  It was the first time I've had to ship paintings this large so my dear husband made a wood protective frame, we packed the paintings first in soft protective bags, placed them back to back and filled their interiors with bubble wrap and flat cardboard layers.  Then we stapled cardboard to the exterior of the frame, placed the goods inside, stapled the top and handed them over to Canada Post, which, considering the amount for tracking and insurance as well as shipping was very reasonable.  Thank you Marilyn and Ron and I hope you enjoy the paintings for many years to come.

If you haven't put ART WALK Osoyoos on your calendar for Saturday, July 27th, you will miss out on a great event here in the Okanagan. Held from 6 to 9:30 p.m. ART WALK Osoyoos presents artists and artisans displaying and selling their works at Bits and Bites, Bordertown Winery, Boston Pizza, The ART GALLERY Osoyoos and the Okanagan Gallery, most of which are within walking distance of each other.  Refreshments served at each site while you're browsing and shopping.  You'll find me and my works at Bits and Bites.

(posted on 2 Jul 2019)

The cherries are in abundance now.  You can buy them in the supermarkets, stop at an orchard stand, or even do you-pick on an orchard ladder.  The latter is not for me!  When we moved here I bought a cherry pitter and 20 pounds of cherries and set to work which took a couple of days.  But the flavour burst is always worth the effort.  Here's a few on a plate for you.

The plums aren't quite ready yet but they are coming along well, developing those rich hues followed by the soft bloom.  This image from last year's crop painted in a loose, bold style.  See my gallery for prices.  Please leave a comment on my 'Guestbook' page


(posted on 23 Jun 2019)

Please stop by the Ferdinand Gallery just east of the centre of Keremeos on Hwy 3 (the Crowsnest) to see the two Carolynes' work.  We wil be in the gallery on June 29 and July 8th in the afternoon.   i will be painting and happy to meet you.  You will also get the opportunity to meet Dave and Susan, owners and artisans, makers of concrete creatures.  Lots to see!                                         

Yet another art show--'tis the season, this one at the Ferdinand Gallery/One Eyed Budgie in Keremeos featuring the Osoyoos Artists on Main with a variety of subjects and sizes for your viewing pleasure, including my 'In the Peach Orchard'.  If you're heading to the Okanagan Valley via Hwy 3, otherwise known as the Crowsnest Hwy, just past the town of Keremeos you'll find this little gem of a gallery where you can meet an artist or two most afternoons, as well as Dave and Susan who create the most amazing concrete critters, including frogs, crows, and others.  This show is on daily until June 24th.

(posted on 15 Jun 2019)

Filled with paintings, quilting, pottery, glasswork and more The ART GALLERY Osoyoos hosts the Summer Artisan Market 2019.  Please stop and look at my little corner of the gallery when you're there.  

(posted on 8 Jun 2019)

My apologies to my blog followers.  I've been very busy assisting my husband in his post-surgery recovery so my normal painting output has slowed.  However, I did have time to paint subjects that I've been longing to work on for some time:  Honey Bears and French Marmalade.  We pretty much live in a sugar-free zone here so the only way I could bring them in without dispute was to buy them as subjects for art.  And now I have immortalized them.  I'm going to pop some good bread and soften some butter and sit down for afternoon tea with this trio.

Honey Bear on Polka Dots, Honey Bear on Duty and French Marmalade.  

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