Carollyne Sinclaire
Capturing the Beauty of Colour, Light and Shadow in a Single Moment

Art Log

(posted on 4 Nov 2021)

I turned to Youtube and was listening to a variety of singers and then Nat King Cole came on singing with Natalie.  I put the brush down to listen to 'Unforgettable' their duet- it was then thatI had my title for this rose painting. I feel the same way about that lush sound as I do about roses.  Aren't roses the loveliest of flowers? I just completed this--I haven't even signed it--but I love the complexity of colours in this type of rose, the way the petals billow, crest and fall. The sun spotlights the centre, holding our attention until we move through the petals, some with warm cast shadows, others cool, some backlit from the sun. Such fun to paint and watch the form and volume emerge.  I almost get the scent, looking at it.

I haven't even pulled it over stretcher bars or framed it yet but I wanted to get it out to you for your viewing pleasure.

I painted this during a Realistic Floral Painting with Ciel Ellis, gaining a lot of knowledge about technique, colour and oils.

11" X 17", will be framed soon. I hope you find this one 'Unforgettable'.