Carollyne Sinclaire
Capturing the Beauty of Colour, Light and Shadow in a Single Moment

Art Log

(posted on 13 May 2022)

Choosing a subject I want to paint is never difficult for me, I recognize it instantly. Something like love at first sight, I am drawn to an image. And then comes the delivery of the image, making it my own, using the techniques I've learned I attempt to approximate the idea I have in mind, not just copying a photo. But for me, finding the title, matching title to image can be elusive. For every painting I have a working title but I must discover the title in the end and, in this case, I found it when I put on a CD of Nina Simone's and when it came to 'I Put a Spell on You' I knew that was it.

Oil on canvas, 20 X 16" prepared to the highest standards. Unframed.  Contact me if you are interested.