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(posted on 10 Mar 2021)

During this long, long period of Covid I have found ways of diverting my thoughts-- painting flowers worked for the longest time and then I was overcome by a desire for sweets,  followed by their  associated memories.  

Smarties, the Canadian confection, was one of my regular choices at the movies when I had a special day with my father, either Smarties or chocolate buds.  He warned me that I couldn't have MacIntosh toffee bars as they'd pull my fillings out.  Happily I'd choose the Smarties package and never did I object to eating the red ones.  Their crunch and sweetness would fortify me against noble dog stories that would make me cry or later, horror movies watched through 3-D glasses.

But it was during my university years, that my loyalty turned to Oh Henry bars with their peanut crunch, the just right sweetness of the nougat centre and outer coating of chocolate.  I swore by them at exam time.  It was really fun painting this bar with its up-close perspective.

A few years ago my husband and I went to Long Beach, Washington where we visited an old-fashioned ice cream parlour with pink and white striped wallpaper. A row of candy and peanut dispensers flanked one wall, the contents of which were just like my childhood memories. I wanted to capture my feelings about Dubble Bubble gumballs in this painting.  There is a smell and taste that is unique to the brand and painting this dispenser took me there.


For your viewing pleasure and possibly part of your home art collection.

Smarties     8 X 10 X 1.5" Acrylic on cradle board     $150 

Oh Henry    9 X 12 X 1.5" Acrylic on cradle board     $175

Joy dispenser 9 X 12 X 1.5" Acrylic on cradle board  $175 

Shipping just a little extra.  

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