Carollyne Sinclaire
Capturing the Beauty of Colour, Light and Shadow in a Single Moment

Art Log

(posted on 14 Aug 2021)

I love to go to beach towns out of season when the crowds are gone and we have the stretch of sand to ourselves and the seabirds. My husband builds sculptures as I gaze at the shifting light, the debris left by the last high tide and study how a wave is formed. An agate, sea glass, an uninhabited shell, it's all of interest. Our second-to-last pre-Covid beach town trip was to Long Beach, Washington which has the brazen claim of being the world's longest beach and then on to Cannon Beach, Oregon which looks like it had been created for a science fiction set with its enormous rock formations jutting from the waters.

Dune trails

Wooden whale sculptures

One of the sights that delighted me was not at the beach but out of the wind, at the hotel, a large bouquet of red tulips, foliage stuffing the vase. If you're interested, contact me please.

Oil on 30 X 30" canvas, framed in a light wood and ready to hang. Priced in Canadian dollars.

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