Carollyne Sinclaire
Capturing the Beauty of Colour, Light and Shadow in a Single Moment

Purple Flowering Kale 24 X 24 X 1.5 framed

Purple and green is one of my favourite colour combinations so I had to paint this kale. My favourite place to be in spring and summer is a garden or a nursery where I can view all the beauty of these creations.

24 X 24" acrylic on canvas, framed and ready to hang. Shipping a little extra. All in Canadian prices. Shipping a little extra.

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Purple Flowering Kale 24 X 24 X 1.5 framed

Canadian Dollars

I am in awe of the formations and colouration of fruits and vegetables. Those of you who follow my work know that. Acrylic on canvas, framed.

24 X 24" acrylic on framed canvas. Ready to hang and enjoy.

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