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Maple Glazed Donut

I kept thinking that there wasn't another donut I could paint but now I know it's an infinitesimal project painting donuts and all kinds of desserts. It was the sheen of the Maple Glazed donut that got me--those tiny cracks on the surface but when I took it home and set it up to paint, it didn't have sufficient character. One bite ought to do it, I thought. I placed it again, flooding it with light but it didn't grab me. Two bites, I said to myself. Two bites and that will do it. And it did because it was then that the custard flowed from its centre, spilling over the edge. Donut bliss!

A great kitchen or dining room painting. Very low carbs and totally calorie-free, 9 X 12 X 1" acrylic on cradle board. Shipping extra. Showing now at Picture This! Custom Framing and Gallery in Penticton.

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Maple Glazed Donut

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