Carollyne Sinclaire
Acrylics Oils

Art Log

(posted on 4 Jun 2020)

' What if? is a question that I often ask and upon spotting crumpets in the grocery store, I thought, "What if I painted a series of vignettes of honey bear adventures?"  This was all spurred on by spotting crumpets, which conjured memories of childhood breakfasts of well-toasted crumpets slathered with butter and heaped with either strawberry jam or honey.  The honey was usually the creamed honey but when I stopped to consider the fun of painting creamed honey vs. a honey bear dispenser, well, it was a hands down decision.  Honey bear all the way!  For your viewing pleasure or purchasing for your breakfast or dining room.

10" wide by 20" high acrylic on canvas prepared to the highest standard.  Shipping extra.  $220.00