Carollyne Sinclaire
Acrylics Oils

Art Log

(posted on 16 Jul 2019)

It is always a joyous time for an artist when he or she sells a painting, but to sell two works to a pair of patrons is very exciting.  I thank my dear patrons, Ron and Marilyn, from Winnipeg who purchased two large paintings 24 X 24", one framed, one unframed exhibition canvas for their home collection.  It was the first time I've had to ship paintings this large so my dear husband made a wood protective frame, we packed the paintings first in soft protective bags, placed them back to back and filled their interiors with bubble wrap and flat cardboard layers.  Then we stapled cardboard to the exterior of the frame, placed the goods inside, stapled the top and handed them over to Canada Post, which, considering the amount for tracking and insurance as well as shipping was very reasonable.  Thank you Marilyn and Ron and I hope you enjoy the paintings for many years to come.