Carollyne Sinclaire
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Art Log

(posted on 18 Sep 2020)

When I was young and our family would go to a restaurant, my father often ordered the "mixed catch". I thought it risky but thrilling--not to really know what you're getting.  So here's a small risk-free mixed catch for you today.

While it's not the end of the roses in Osoyoos--they're still blooming--I am moving on, likely to return to painting them again some day.  So this is my last for a while.  I call it Cotton Candy because of the colour.  

'Cotton Candy' 8 X 8 X 1.5" Acrylic on exhibition canvas.

The second painting requires a bit of an introduction.  Some of you who have been following me for a while know my penchant for nostalgic neon signs as I've painted The Oliver Theatre sign (sold) and The Pow Wow Drive In sign from Oroville, Washington.  When we first arrived in Penticton, I was thrilled that there was a huge neon sign on Main Street and that the restaurant was actually operating and had been since 1922.  The Elite Restaurant is not called that any longer, it's a steakhouse now.  Next week 'The Elite Restaurant' will be showing at Picture This! Custom Framing and Gallery in Penticton.

The Elite Restaurant 20 X 10" Acrylic on canvas.  $300.  

 Please enquire if you're interested in either of these items.